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" The future of tourism is humans "

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Today we live in a society closely linked to technology and the digital environment, hyperconnected to the network at all times, through computers and all kinds of mobile devices.

In less than 50 years, we have gone from a totally analog world, to one in which the physical world is merging with digital.

The great disruptive changes that we are experiencing make us live in an increasingly changing, fickle and ephemeral environment.

With the revolution of ICTs, the growth of mobile devices and social networks, our lives have become saturated with information and advertising impacts, through multiple devices and screens.

Although all these advances have brought us a certain degree of wellbeing and comfort, facilitating communication and work, they have also increased the feeling of being connected all day and many people get to saturate.

In such a competitive and hyper-connected world, many people find it difficult to recover the tranquility and concentration necessary to manage an increasingly stressful life.

In Western societies, anxiety, stress and depression are the great pandemics. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) warns that anxiety and depression will be the most common mental pathologies in the world.

And in front of it, more and more people seek to recover their serenity and balance during the holidays.


- Create trips that are a challenge for "tourists" and that take them out of their comfort zone - Offer more authentic activities and experiences that get the "tourists" in direct contact with the local communities in order to be able to know directly their customs and traditions - More sport activities, adventure and experiences in direct contact with nature. Some of the activities that have the most transformative effect are: · Cultural experiences very different from ours · Gastronomic experiences · Learning activities · Activities related to health and well-being · Yoga, tai chi, meditation or mindfulness sessions · Adventure sports and activities with adrenaline · Excursions to areas of unspoilt nature and little visited · Authentic and meaningful connections with the local culture · Volunteer experiences · Corporate Social Responsibility Actions


New type of transformative and sustainable tourism

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Daniela Bucur


Are we going backwards or forwards? Backwards to simplicity and forwards to travels of our minds and souls across cultures...

Apr 25, 2019

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