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The idea of building this centre is rooted in the desire to spread the culture of yoga and the practice of this art amongst the local community. Apart from teaching yoga and meditation, this yoga centre will represent a connecting point for all the yoga enthusiasts in Valencia. A distinctive characteristic will be the special sessions focused on yoga and meditation for pregnant women, as well as for children.

Brief description

The studio will be located in Valencia, in a diaphanous space surrounded by plants and nature, which will facilitate the meditation and relaxation process of the clients. Additionally, some of the classes will be carried out in open spaces such as the Turia river, in Valencia.


-To provide yoga and meditation classes tailored to the needs of the general public, pregnant women and kids. -To create a community of yoga enthusiastics and increase the wellbeing of the clients.


The final goal behind this business idea is to provide clients with the required tools to do yoga and to meditate, which will help them to grow personally and to be physically and mentally healthy.

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Daniela Bucur


Yoga is part of a specific culture. If you can make it multinational, then you can say you succeed in it.

Apr 16, 2019

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